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What we’re about

Hello everyone!

Welcome to our meetup page. This is a Fullerton based philosophy group; feel free to join whether you are an expert in philosophy or a novice. We typically meet -- since 2014 -- in downtown Fullerton to discuss philosophy over a few beers (or occasionally coffee). Currently, we are alternating between meeting in person in Downtown Fullerton (usually at the Pickled Monk) and online via Discord:

While our in-person meetings have been less structured (they are more free-flowing), our online meetings usually consist in examining a particular topic -- by way of reading an academic philosophical paper on the subject. The online meetings can be accessed either through the Discord app or through Discord (via a web browser) -- we will post the link for each meeting on the event page. You can sign up for Discord using the following link:

As a group, we have tried to discuss a number of diverse philosophical issues, such as:

- Metaphysics: Do we have Freewill? Do Numbers Exist? What is "Woman"? How Should we address The Measurement Problem in Quantum Mechanics? What is 'Truth'? What is 'Causality'? Does Time Exists? Do 'Persons' or 'Selves' Exist? Do Composite Objects (like chairs or tables) Exist? Does God Exists? whether Universals solve the one-over-many problem? What is Chinese metaphysics?

- Epistemology: What is Knowledge? How should we address The Gettier Problem? Are We Good at Introspection? Are we Rational or Irrational? What is Feminist Epistemology? What Differentiates Science from Pseudo-Science? Are we Born as Blank Slates? How can we address the Regress Problem with respects to Explanations? How do we become Educated? What are Feminist Approaches towards Education and Science?

- Social/political philosophy: Should we prefer Marxism or Capitalism? What is Friendship? Should Children have a say in their education? Should we enhance ourselves (i.e., Transhumanism/Posthumanism)? What is a Sport? Should Athletes be allowed to use Steroids? What is Sexual Orientation? Should we reject Paternalism? What is Justice? What is Philosophical Anarchism? What is Law? What are Women's Rights? How Much Should We Worry About Automation? Is There a Politics of Emotions? What is Race? What is Gender?

- Ethics: What is (Moral) Goodness? Can We Have A Science of Morality? What Are The Arguments For Moral Relativism? What Constitues Cheating? What Rights (If Any) Would A.I. Have? What is the Trolly Problem? Do Animals Have rights? Should We be Vegans/Vegetarians? Is it Wrong to Have Children? What is Culture?

- Existentialism: Should we Fear Death? What is Authenticity? What is Existential Death? What is the Meaning of Life? Why We Shouldn't Commit Suicide? Is Life Absurd? What Challenges Does The Internet Present With Respects to Meaning in our Lives? What is Dasein? What is Caring? What is (Existenial) Anxiety? What is Radical Freedom? Why read: Kierkegaard, Nietzsche, Heidegger, Sartre, De Beauvior, Camus, Ortega y Gasset?

- Mind: What is Consciousness? What is Intentionality? Is Everything Conscious? Are Animals Conscious? What Are Emotions? Can there be Conscious A.I.? Can there be Super-Intelligent A.I.? What is Mental about Mental illnesses? What are Beliefs? What is Creativity? What are Moods? Are Mental Disorders like Schizophrenia or Addiction Natural Kinds? What is Love? What is the Content of Perception? What are Delusions? What (if any) is the relationship between Consciousness and Cognition? How should we treat Mental Disorders? Are there Good or Bad Mental States? What (if any) is the relationship between Phenomenal/Experiential Properties and Representational Properties?

- Aesthetic: What Counts as Art? What is the Value of Art? Who Determines What is Art? What is Beauty? Can Grotesque Things be Beautiful? What Films are Philosophical? What is Music? Who Determines the Meaning of a work of Literature? What is (Aesthetic) Taste? What are Aesthetic Properties?

- Metaphilosophy: What is Philosophy? What is the Value of Philosophy? Are There Distinct Kinds of Philosophy (i.e., Continental, Analytic, Eastern, Mexican, Native American, Western, etc.) Or Is There Just One Way To Do Philosophy? What is Conceptual Analysis? What is Reflective Equilibrium? How Should We Do Philosophy? Why Is There a Lack of Diversity in Philosophy -- Where are All The Women, People of Color, & LGTBQ+ Philosophers?

If you need any help accessing the reading materials or with Discord, please feel free to send us a message. Also feel free to suggest topics you would like to discuss at upcoming meetings!