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What we’re about

JavaScript is everywhere.

In the old days, being a JavaScript developer meant that you were a front-end web developer. Forever bound to the browser.

Those days are gone.

The rise of Node.js ushered in a new era. An era where being a JavaScript developer doesn’t necessarily mean a front-end web developer.

As a JavaScript developer today, you can target more platforms than any other high-level language.

But for now, let’s focus on the two main platforms: The browser and the server.

Why should you have to choose between the two?

Choose Javascript to choose both.

WebRTC is the disrupter in real time media communication space and it has already started disrupting internet real-time communication. WhatsApp uses WebRTC as well as Google Hangout. As it is backed by Google, we can safely place our bet on the same for any real-time communication needs including audio/video/data.

Join this meet up to know more about WebRTC and fullstack java script.