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Yehuda Katz (twitter (, github (, website ( is coming to Full Stack! Yehuda is the creator of Ember, TC39 (ECMAScript/JavaScript) board member, Rust core team member, retired Rails and jQuery core team member, and general contributor to all things open. He's the man behind the massive merger of Merb and Rails, forming Rails 3. He created Bundler, one of the best package managers available. He's pushed many of the modern features landing in the latest ECMAScript standard and is working on a new package manager for JavaScript called Yarn ( He'll be joining us for a Q&A session.

To start the night, Jessica Goulding (twitter (, github (, website ( will share her stories on building great communities.


5:00 - Drinks on Galvanize - 4th floor
5:30 - Doors open - 2nd floor (Pivotal)
6:00 - The Lone Developer is Dead, Community Prevails - Jessica Goulding
7:00 - Q&A with Yehuda Katz
9:00 - Doors close - head to Ale House at Amato's (

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