Building Intelligent Apps with NativeScript and React Native

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The tools for building native apps with JavaScript have improved drastically over the last few years! Come learn from experts in NativeScript (Angular + TypeScript) and React Native as they demonstrate how powerful these ecosystems have become. They'll go beyond the basics and show you how to extend these tools to build even more intelligent and useful apps your users will love. Plus: giveaways, raffles, friends and food!

Our main speaker this evening will be the amazing Jen Looper ( She'll bring fresh ideas on how to improve your native app's user experience by sprinkling in a bit of machine learning. Our opening speaker is Denver developer Rahim Rahman. He will showcase the power of React Native, Expo and Snack.

5:00 - Social time
5:45 - Raffle
6:00 - Create Mobile Apps using React-Native with Expo & Snack - Rahim Rahman
7:00 - Break
7:30 - Boost Your Mobile Apps’ Emotional Intelligence with Machine Learning and NativeScript - Jen Looper
9:00 - Doors close

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Boost Your Mobile Apps’ Emotional Intelligence with Machine Learning and NativeScript

Do you ever wake up in a cold sweat, thinking that your mobile apps are both boring and stupid? When this happens, you start to question yourself, asking why your apps aren’t more empathetic, why they don’t respond better to your users’ needs. Even if you have built a performant app with a great UI, you can improve it by leveraging new methods of adding machine learning to your apps to create a really useful and enticing mobile app experience. In this talk, you’ll learn some basics of machine learning and how to integrate it into your mobile app, first with some clever APIs, and then with custom trained models using TensorFlow. Come learn how to send your apps back to school and level up their innate ‘intelligence’!

Speaker: Jen Looper


Create Mobile Apps using React-Native with Expo & Snack

Whether you're just starting out or a seasoned React-Native developer, here's your chance to learn more about Expo & one of Expo's development tools: Snack. Expo is the fastest way to build native iOS & Android apps using Javascript and React. We'll talk a little bit about React-Native in general, go through getting started with Expo, write some sloppy code and publish 1-2 apps that you can download (hopefully not another Todo app) to your iPhone or Android devices.

Rahim Rahman is a Full Stack Developer with Aptos, Inc., and currently focuses on helping with the mobile application development efforts using React-Native.

Speaker: Rahim Rahman



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