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Dear members,

For our January event we're keeping the yearly tradition of visiting Digipolis! We have two talks lined up for you. Joeri Sebrechts will be speaking about "Scaling Reliably with Microservices" and Brecht De Rooms will talk about "FaunaDB: A data API for serverless and JAMstack apps."

Digipolis is so kind to offer sandwiches and drinks for the event!

We hope to see you soon,

Dries & Rias

PS: Please remember to change your RSVP if you cannot attend.


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19:00 Doors
20:00 Talks


Scaling Reliably with Microservices by Joeri Sebrechts

It is said that complex systems run in degraded mode. Every piece added to the system increases the likelihood of failure. Add enough pieces, and the system's probability of having a broken part at any one time ends up close to one, leaving the system always somewhat broken. Knowing that, how can you scale out without losing reliability? The Antwerp City Platform as a Service is a smart city OS composed out of hundreds of microservices. Due to the scale of ACPaaS the team at Digipolis runs into this reliability challenge every day. In this talk you'll get an insight into lessons learned of building reliable systems at scale.

Speaker: Joeri is a digital experience platform architect at Digipolis, working on the next iteration of the ACPaaS smart city platform. Across his career as a software developer he has come into contact with many technologies and domains, from IOT to Big Data and many things in between. He considers himself an information addict and is always eager to learn new things.

Length: 45min

FaunaDB: A data API for serverless and JAMstack apps. by Brecht De Rooms

If we look at the technology landscape we can witness different trends in different domains that are actually racing towards a common goal. On the backend side, there is a strong push towards serverless functions and these functions preferably execute as close to the edge as possible. On the frontend side, we can see a move towards something called 'JAMstack' which is about the development of websites that consist of statically generated pages, augmented with dynamic components that receive data from serverless APIs, all hosted on CDNs. Both trends have similar goals; less configuration and therefore easy-of-use, only pay for what you use, auto-scaling, low latencies. Both trends also benefit from distributed databases that are a perfect match for serverless and JAMstack. In this talk, we will introduce a new distributed database called FaunaDB that is a perfect match for these trends, and we'll explain why.

Speaker: The technology landscape is a jungle. I am a programmer who has worked in this tech jungle extensively as a full-stack developer. I was lucky enough to work in many fields, such as research, startups, and IT consultancy. I have always found it disturbing how some great technologies are left underused. Of course, we can do something about that, so I decided to join one of these technologies that I have been following for two years. That technology is FaunaDB, a promising strongly-consistent distributed database developed by ex-twitter engineers. By providing accurate information, I hope to make the IT world a slightly nicer jungle to develop in.

Length: 40min