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Organizing meetups on front end, back end, devops and everything in between in the city of Antwerp.

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October Event at iO

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Dear members,

For our October event we're visiting the offices of iO in the AXA building. iO is so kind to provide drinks and food for us. Please refer to the venue info at the bottom on how to get in.

Michel Grootjans will be giving a non-technical workshop on the effects of team flow. Mark Van Der Linden & Lucien Immink will talk about passwordless authentication.

We also want to remind you about our conference Full Stack Europe which is happening in October. Have a look at the speaker line-up and join us! https://fullstackeurope.com/2022
We have a special discount for meetup members. Grab your ticket with a 15% discount here: https://bit.ly/fseu22fsbe

We hope to see you soon,

Dries, Rias & Freek

PS: Please remember to change your RSVP if you cannot attend.


19:00 Doors Open
20:00 Start Talks


Experiencing team flow by Michel Grootjans

You will experience the effects of team flow in this non-technical workshop.

We will be running a few interactive simulations on team organisation and the effect this has on the total flow of work.

Topics we will certainly address:

  • Why would we prefer T-shaped team members?
  • How can swarming help?
  • Why would you deliberately limit work in progress?
  • Why is it that we have trouble estimating when work will be done?

Bring your mobile phone if you want to participate. You will only use your browser.

Speaker: Michel Grootjans has been programming since the age of 12. He has programmed strange machines like the TI 99-4A, the Atari 2600, Mac128, HP28, Apple II, Siemens PLC's, using languages like Basic, Pascal, C, HyperTalk, Assembler, ... along the way.

His professional experiences include building enterprise applications for retail, media, government, chemical plants, telecom, HR, insurance, ... in javascript, C#, java and, ruby.

He helps teams with continuous improvement, focusing on outcomes over output.

Length: 45min

You shall not password by Mark Van Der Linden & Lucien Immink

In these modern times of real privacy protection and increased server-side security, a key risk can still be defined as “relying on a single word or phrase to protect all of one’s data”. Consider a password a secret you happily seem to share with the World Wide Web. Ponder the thought: if you start sharing your secret, can it still be considered a secret?

During this session, iO experts Mark and Lucien take you through a multitude of security measures that don’t rely on the use of passwords. They’ll share the reasons why we should move away from passwords and how you can easily implement Web Authentication to provide your users with a simple and more secure way of authentication.

Welcome, to the age of passwordless authentication!

In short:FIDO: let’s solve the world’s password problem, togetherWeb Authentication: there once was… a credential management APIAuthenticators: ‘And who might you be?’


As a developer, I always want to know how something works in detail. This usually means a hands-on approach, delving into the technical details and finding the limits. However, sharing the findings and making my colleagues and friends just as excited, is what really makes me enjoy technology and with that, my job.

As a Software Architect, I do just that, making sure the technologies are known by the team and supports the customer’s needs. Authentication is something we all deal with every day, developers, and users alike. It's however rarely looked at as a fun thing to delve into. I took it on myself to figure out a way to make it more fun and less frustrating to deal with authentication on the web apps we visit and develop every day.


Lucien was once a Java developer through and through until he saw the light and embraced Internet Explorer 6 as his digital overlord. Today, Lucien is a Google Developer Expert with over 20 years of experience and is done with reinventing the wheel to fit the shiny front-end framework of the day. As you’d expect from a developer advocate, he prefers finding proper, simple and elegant solutions designed to help out others.

Length: 40min


Practical for your first day

AXA Building

Grote Steenweg 214 B 9

2600 Berchem

1st floor

A visitor badge will be requested, that you can ask for at the reception.

Reception will call me when you arrive and then I will come for you.

How to find us?

Public transport: Berchem Station is nearby for those who come by train (15 minutes walking distance). Furthermore, streetcar 7, bus 21 and 32 stop at AXA. 

Are you coming by car?

Then you can park underground (entrance via Uitbreidingstraat). At the barrier you ring the bell of one of the IO Group agencies, then the reception will open the barrier for you. You can park at -3 below the Intracto Group signs (keep right after entering the parking lot). Then take the elevator to the ground floor.

Are you coming by bike?

Then you first need to get your visitor's badge at the reception desk. Your badge will give you access to the bike parking 🙂 

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