What we're about

It's a meetup for programmers of all levels to learn about functional programming (FP).
We welcome all functional languages including (but not limited to) Scala, Erlang, Haskell, Clojure, F#.
We are also interested in technologies associated with FP like reactive programming, message passing architectures, the actor model, etc.

The meetup is focused on learning functional principles using mathematics, understanding scenarios where it is better to use FP, discovering new languages and technologies and exploring best practices in FP.

We are looking for speakers

What is FP?

Youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCZ9Qv0y5IS ...

Twitter: @fun_c_ #Func

Our media partners: scalatimes.com (http://scalatimes.com/)

P.S. Programming is fun(c)!

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Scale By the Bay 2021

Online event

Scale By the Bay 2021 is the iconic developer conference on thoughtful software engineering, cloud-native applications, and AI data pipelines.

Scale By the Bay 2021 is the 9th edition of the venerable developer conference By the Bay. We have four tracks, as always, now online:
— Functional Programming and Thoughtful Software Engineering
— Cloud-Native Applications, Reactive Architectures, Microservices
— Data Pipelines for AI/ML
— Community Hallway Track

Our bespoke space is built upon the success of scala.love and haskell.love, and we use Discord and Spatial.Chat, for innovative community feel, creating a virtual space where you can move your avatar around to join conversations with friends, speakers, sponsors, attend a demo, or listen to a talk.

Book your early bird ticket https://www.scale.bythebay.io/register

CFP https://www.scale.bythebay/io/cfp

See 1,200+ talks on functional.tv.

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Scala Love in the City

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