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A comfortable social environment for those interested in having fun getting to know each other as well exploring our world. We are a group of aficionados of life who participate in events that bring out the best in us.

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90s Throwback in L.A.-Bollywood vs.Hollywood Costume Party (Dance Class & Party)

Buy discounted tickets at: https://90s-bollywood-fun-dance-party-class.eventbrite.com or https://citygyd.com/ (no eventbrite fee/ free for members) Far out! Get ready for a slammin’ tribute to the most iconic decade with our Jai Ho! 90s Throwback Hollywood vs. Bollywood Costume Party! Enjoy a dance class right before the beginning of the party with celebrity DJ and dancer DJ Prashant DJ Prashant... Naam Toh Suna Hoga! After 10 years of performing across the USA, this ex-intel engineer turned DJ brings the bangin' dance party Jai Ho! back to Los Angeles with a 90s throwback theme that's bound to get everybody dancing! Grab your scrunchies, neon crop tops, or flannels and dress to impress – it’s all about 90s nostalgia, celebrating iconic Bollywood and Hollywood moments and music. Think we’d throw a themed party like this without a costume contest? As if!

Legendary Pico-Roberston (Cultural ft Kosher Foodie Tour)

Pico Glatt Mart


Buy discounted tickets at: https://legendary-pico-robertson-tour.eventbrite.com Pico- Robertson known for it's major Jewish community and culture in the area. It's truly amazing how many cultural hubs there are in LA and how little we know about them having lived here substantial amounts of time. That's where we as CityGyd step in, do the research and plan the most unique and unexplored tours. Come join us on an afternoon filled with culture, learning and great food at the legendary Pico- Robertson. First we begin our tour at the Pico Glatt mart, which is a strictly regulated Kosher Mart under the supervision of Kehilla. Food being Kosher among the Jewish community is highly essential as they at the earliest phases of history understood the patterns of Kashrut. One of the school of thoughts explain Kashrut, as God proving a prescription of foods to ensure the good health of Jewish people. It is also thought that "God knows that in all foods prohibited to the chosen people, elements injurious to the body are found."? We look in to some of these customs a little deeper. Next we saunter on to David Solomon's book store, which is a pure Judaica store which provides a range of objects used by Jews for ritual purposes. This store has been specializing in everything Judaica for the past 35 years. They have a wide range of cultural products including jewelry, yad (a Torah pointer for reading Torah text), incense burners and modern menorahs. Schnitzly is a kosher diner, which offers a minimum of ten different types of Schnitzel, which is widely known by Jewish people. Schnitzel is deep fried meat thinned meat, often coated with flour, beaten eggs and bread crumbs. Their famous sauces are created in the store. ***** Hosted by Marina

Dive in into Venice Culture!

Venice Sign


Buy discounted tickets at : https://dive-in-to-venice-culture.eventbrite.com Summer ain't over yet! Come explore the eccentric and electric energy of Venice! Venice is the place to be during summer in L.A, what's better than food ,history , art and beautiful people all intertwined literally next to the beach? Come explore the Venice canals , a mix of florence and coney island brought to by a billionare having a good time with his millions. Definitely a great start to an iconic story. We will be taking a walk and dive into the mural art and history of Venice and dissect what truly captures the spirit of this place! Wrapping it up in Taco Tuesdays! With tacos and a drink as a cherry on top treat and for those who want to join us on a walk at the pier in Venice are more than welcome!

Malibu Hindu Temple Tour (Cultural & Foodie Tour)

Malibu Hindu Temple


Buy discounted tickets at: https://malibu-hindu-temple-tour-1.eventbrite.com or https://citygyd.com/ Isn't Malibu just stunning? The mountains, fresh air and just peace of mind. It is the perfect blend of human and nature. CityGyd is excited to announce its first tour in the heart of Malibu within the Santa Monica mountains. Let's explore the Malibu Hindu Temple, a cultural hub, filled with history and stories. We begin our tour at the entrance of the temple complex, which is dedicated to the Hindu god Venkateswara, a form of the Hindu god Maha Vishnu. Legend has it that Lord Vishnu (Venkateswara) came to earth searching for the goddess Lakshmi with whom he had a fight with in Vaikunta and she left. However upon reaching earth, he couldn't find her. However to know more about this story and many more, join us at the Malibu Hindu Temple Tour. We will explore the large complex and take in the serenity of our surroundings as we do so. There will be 10 minutes of meditation at our tour as we do so and feel our true inner peace. Our tour will be concluded by making a trip to the food area of the temple, where all sorts of South Indian food is available at nominal prices such as $3 and connect with our group as we do so.

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Indian Cooking Class with the cast of No Worries...Curry!

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