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What we’re about

Hi Welcome to Fun Times with Friends Social Group :-)

Our Group motto:
***All friends were strangers at one point in time.
Our group is for Singles 50 or older who enjoy getting together, socializing while enjoying a variety of activities. You will find kindness, welcoming smiles, opportunities to chat with those around you and develop friendships.

**Guidelines for our group**
{*} Kindness, friendliness and respect are expected of all members.
{*} Profile photo is required to be a member (we cannot recognize you if your pic is a Zebra lol).
{*} Honor your RSVP. It is important to be respectful with your RSVPs. Changing your RSVPs more than 24 hours no problem. Not showing up or last minute cancellations, can be problematic to your fellow meetup members and the venues. If something comes up day of the event and you need to cancel please PM the host. Cancelations the day of equal a NO show unless an emergency or illness is communicated to the host. Unoccupied reserved seats do not put a smile on the faces of management of the places we visit.
{*} Waitlist Status. Being on the waitlist tells the host you want to attend; if this changes please move yourself to not going. People on the waitlist can move quickly to going so please keep an eye on your status. If you are on the waitlist there are some events you can still come out and have some fun you may just not have a seat.  This will be posted on the event.
{*} As we work with owners of venues to make large party reservations, thus taking seats from other patrons and requiring staffing.   No shows become an issue for us. Therefore with 3 no shows the member is removed from the group.
{*} Plus 1 to our events. Some events will not have plus one availability, while others may start out members only to give them priority and as the event gets closer if spots are still available it may open up to plus ones.
If there is company from out of town please reach out to the host and ask.  If the person is local they can be a plus one up to 3 times before membership is required.  After 4 years, this is now a group with paid membership and it is not fair for some to enjoy the perks for free.
{*} As of January 1, 2022 this group, started charging dues of 15.00 annually. A new member has 30 day free trial to determine if they want to be a member of this group. After 30 days if the dues are not paid, the app removes the person.
{*}  In the unfortunate instance we have to remove someone for disregarding the rules; our groups calendar is not to be shared with them, the person can not be a plus one of an RSVP, nor are they to sit with the group at an RSVP-ed table.

These rules are very basic and truly come down to respect and kindness.
General Thoughts
If at any time you feel uncomfortable for any reason, please let the host or the organizer know. This information will not be shared.

***Keep in mind this is NOT a 'dating or hook up group’. If this is the reason you are joining this group please look elsewhere. If you find someone by just being you and having fun we will celebrate with you.

Our Liability Statement
As a member of this group you take full responsibility and liability for your safety to, from and during each event you attend. Your plus 1, is included in this. Your membership of this group and attending an event = you/your family will not hold the host or organizer responsible for any liability.
Welcome to Fun Times with Friends! Come out and Enjoy!

Thank you to all the members who make this group so enjoyable.
See you soon