• 🌸Cherry-blossom-viewing Party🌸

    Ebi River (Cherry‐tree‐lined path)

    (English instruction is bottom of this page.)

    Hello! I have good news for everyone・・・



    -場所:海老川ジョギングロード (JR船橋駅から徒歩20分、JR船橋駅北口4番乗り場よりバス「船橋中央市場」下車徒歩3分)
    -参加費:500円 (ネイティブ、日本人に関わらず参加費は全員500円)

    I have great news for you!
    We’re going to hold a Hanami (Cherry Blooms Viewing) party at Ebi-river-bank near Funabashi station.
    Let’s enjoy cherry blossom viewing and have a great time with us!!

    -Fee: 500JPY (no matter you’re native speaker or not we ask you to pay 500 JPY)
    (Please bring eating stuff and drinking stuff and hope to share with everyone.)
    -Place: Ebi-river-bank, Cherry‐tree‐lined path.
    -map: https://goo.gl/maps/GSLb5BZKc2s
    -How to apply: meetup or you can sign-up at the meeting.
    -Progress of the day:
    Please have reception procedure when you arrive the place, and pay 500 yen. We will guide you to the seat.

    Q, How many people is likely to come?
    A, We are expecting to have 60 people. It was more than 70 people last year.

    Q. Can I participate by alone?
    A. Almost people participate alone, you can get along with other people soon.

    Q. Can I come late or leave earlier?
    A. Go ahead come late or leave earlier, but please let us know this information beforehand. Also we ask you to pay participation fee.

    Q, Can I bring alcohol?
    A, Off course you can. Drinks are supposed to bring by yourself.

    Q, Is there any garbage disposal area?
    A, There is few garbage disposal area, but we will help you to prepare the garbage bag, but please help us to less garbage as much as you can.

    Q, In case rain, what we do?
    A, The party will be extended to next Sunday, or cancel the event.

    Q, Is there any grocery store near around the meeting place?
    A, There is a grocery store 15 min walk from the area.

    Q, Is there any bathroom?
    A, You can use temporary bathroom 300m from the area.

    Q, What organizer prepare for member?
    A, Gas stove, paper plates, paper cups, garbage bags, blue sheets and tables...

  • 【現地500円】German-Japanese Exchange/ドイツ語交流会in船橋

    Funabashishi Central Community Center

    Guten Tag!

    FMGC 定例ミーティングは毎月第二火曜日船橋中央公民館で開催しています。グループでフリートークを楽しんでください。

    参加費:500円 (Native Speakerは無料です。)



    19: 30-19: 50 グループトーク
    19: 50-20: 10 グループトーク
    20: 10-20: 30 グループトーク
    20: 30-20: 45 グループトーク
    20:45 Information from the organizer. Clean up chairs and tables.



    Guten Tag!

    This Meetup is for people who want to speak German and who like to meet people interested in German.

    Funabashi Chuo Kominakan
    (Our register name for this facilities is called "Funabashi Multilinguals")
    □Participation Fee:
    500 JPY
    Native German speakers・・・Free

    ◇Course Introduction
    Make a 4-people group and have a free chats. (German/Japanese)
    Every 20 minutes we shuffle the members.

    19: 30-19: 50 Group talk
    19: 50-20: 10 Group talk.
    20: 10-20: 30 Group talk.
    20: 30-20: 45 Group talk.
    20:45 Information from the organizer. Clean up chairs and tables.

    ◇To Native German Speaker
    We are looking for native-German speakers to have various discussions, informal chats with German learners.
    In appreciation for your participation as a native German speaker, you are invited to meeting itself with no cost!

    Thank you for your support and understanding, we look forward to seeing you at our meeting.