What we're about

Are you looking for social networking and fun times at social events involving music, adventure, dancing, walking, culture, networking and the outdoors. This is also the group for enjoying dining out and nightlife with singles as well as couples and professional networking in London.

You are either new to meetup or have been on meetup for a long time and are tired of how the social activities have deteriorated in the other meetup groups in London.

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Here you can see everyone from different cultures and races meeting and having a great time and this is what we tend to achieve everytime we host!

Here is how we will do things differently -
Ever since Covid has occurred the world has changed ways in how we function and operate.
Meeting people of various cultures has become difficult with various restrictions and with online events people rarely have the opportunity of meeting face to face and this results in not getting the right opportunity to meet in person.
We will always have hosts at all our events. You will always be greeted by someone
at all our events and introduced to others. (Warm & welcoming hosts to help you

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We will minimise no shows by requiring attendees to pay a deposit in advance. No
shows are misleading and not fun for organisers nor for members.

We will not disguise organisation costs in opaque ticket prices, commissions from
bars or inflated set menu prices.

We will instead ask for a small charge of a few pounds to help us manage the group and its activities. (Very Transparent)

We will strive to attract a high quality membership who prefer higher quality
venues and events. We will not be driven by happy hours, free food etc...(as all
of these are eventually balanced out by much higher prices later)

We will constantly request members to help us host events and take a lead on
activities so that we have energy and variety.

Click on the link to our website and have a look at our other cities that we host in -

I very much hope that you will join us and create a vibrant social community
which is close knit and high quality.

Upcoming events (1)

Speed Friending for ladies & gents! (21-49s/Happy Hours/Hosted/Tickets £5)

Missed out on making new friends for this year? Are you new in the city or just trying to figure away to expand your social network? Mingle with like-minded people who are of a similar age group looking to connect with each other and forge new relationships.

Join us for our Speed Friending evening to make new friendships with both ladies and gentlemen between the ages of 21 to 49s at Sway Bar on Saturday 10th June from 6.30 pm onwards!

Denise, your lovely host will be there to welcome you warmly into the group and also help you with introductions!

We welcome locals and internationals both!

What's More - Happy Hours until 8 pm! Exclusive area for our members. DJ dancing post 9 pm, open to all our members!

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10th June Speed with Denise

Why should you attend our meetups?

- We tend to have space earmarked for our groups so you get a comfortable and safe environment to mix and mingle at our meet-ups.

- You will generally find a good gender balance (though not perfect) at all our events. Gender balance changes by city, weather, season, event type, age group etc but we try our best to achieve that.

- Our meet-ups are formally hosted and so our hosts are able to welcome you and help you with introductions with some of the other attendees and also settle down. You have absolutely no need to be apprehensive, nervous or worried about coming alone.

- We charge a minimal event cost for a couple of reasons. Our host has to be compensated for their time and work. Further safety is our priority. When we sell tickets we get a record of people attending through online payments. It provides for better behavior and accountability. We also believe free events equal no commitment and poor behavior. People RSVP and then don't attend.

- Many Free events also tend to only serve the needs of organisers (and their close friends) who then use them to market their products or services or in some cases give them easy access to members of the opposite gender.

**Kindly note that you can pay via Paypal, Credit Card or Debit Card. To purchase via debit/credit card please click on 'Place Order' and you will be shown payment options.

SPECIAL OFFER - Buy any ticket and get a FREE LADY Friend along!
Condition - FREE Entry member has to enter with the member purchasing the ticket at entry point only. Else it does not count.

Early Bird - £5 per person
Regular Tickets - £8 per person
General Admission Tickets - £10
Cash at Meetup - If you do not purchase tickets in advance then you can pay £15 cash to Denise when you meet her on the event day.
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10th June Speed with Denise

Don't miss this fun opportunity to make new friends!
Here’s how it will be set-up:
Half of the group (mixed gender) will be in a fixed place and the other half of the group (mixed gender) will rotate. During these intervals, each pair of people will get the opportunity to talk to each other.

Denise will be hosting the evening and she will organize the speed friending. She will indicate when you should move to the next person.

We will meet from 6.30 pm onwards. You should get yourself a drink and also any food before 6.50 pm.

The Speed friending part will start exactly at 6.50 pm onwards and continue till about 7.45 pm followed by a break and finish at 8.40 pm, so please try and be there on time. If you are late then you can join the speed networking midway.

Please be aware that over 85% of attendees are attending for the first time and over 95% of attendees come alone. You will not be alone.

We have 16 meetup groups in London with over 1,50,300 members and we will be inviting members from all those groups to attend. Members of other groups who RSVP are included as guests of the organiser in order to give you an idea of expected numbers.

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10th June Speed with Denise

Please ask at the entrance for Meetup/Denise. If they are not sure please do enter the venue.