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We believe that functional languages are the foundation of future software. We welcome discussions of all things functional: research, open-source, projects, products, tools, and culture.

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Clojure & MiniZinc


17:30 Registration, pizza, beer, refreshments
18:00 Welcome to Klarna
18:10 Josh Glover - Clojure on AWS Lambda - How Hard Could It Be?
18:40 Zayenz Lagerkvist - Be A Sudoku Boss using MiniZinc
19:30 More networking
21:00 See you next time!
More about the topics

  • Maybe the real question is: "Clojure on AWS Lambda without slow deployments, long cold-starts, gross tools like Docker and NPM, and a feedback loop that makes you want to give up and go back to C ... how hard could it be?" Josh has been building serverless systems with Clojure for the last five years, using a variety of techniques. He'll share his complicated answer to this simple question in an educational and humorous way.
  • MiniZinc is a domain-specific modelling language with a functional style - used for combinatorial problems, and a system for interfacing with solvers. It is great for diverse modelling tasks such as puzzles, scheduling problems, and allocation systems. Zayenz will introduce MiniZinc, live-code a Sudoku solver the right way, and discuss MiniZinc's uses in industrial applications.

Photographs will be taken during the event, and may be published to social media. If you feel uncomfortable with this, please let one of the organizers know.

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