Deep Learning Explained with Melanie Swan


Greetings, futurists!

In what could turn out to be a brilliant follow-on to our recent meeting on blockchain technologies, Melanie Swan has promised to not only explain deep learning, but how deep Learning relates to other convergence technologies particularly blockchain.

I imagine nobody probably remembers, but Melanie Swan was one of the original co-founders of the Boulder Future Salon way back in 2006 (along with Amanda Hargis and yours truly -- somehow I ended up being the only one who stuck around in this area). Today, she is a Philosopher and Economic Theorist at the New School for Social Research in New York, NY. She is the founder of several startups including the Institute for Blockchain Studies, DIYgenomics, GroupPurchase, and the MS Futures Group. Ms. Swan's educational background includes an MBA in Finance and Accounting from the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania, an MA in Contemporary Continental Philosophy from Kingston University London and Université Paris 8, and a BA in French and Economics from Georgetown University. She is a faculty member at Singularity University and the University of the Commons, an Affiliate Scholar at the Institute for Ethics and Emerging Technologies, and a contributor to the Edge's Annual Essay Question.

The date is August 12th (Saturday), mark your calendars!

The meeting is going to be at the famously hard-to-find (if you haven't been there before) Boulder Hackerspace, aka Solid State Depot. Here's how to get there: use the mapping program of your choice to get to the intersection of 33rd and Walnut. From there you want to go north on 33rd, almost to the end. The last building on the left will say "ANCO" on it. You want to go to the left right before that sign (so you are on the south side of the building). Follow the building almost to the corner and you will see a sign for Solid State Depot.