Storm/Kafka Meetup: "Securing Kafka Clusters"

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Apache Kafka Security

The number one feature request for Apache Kafka is security. As Apache Kafka is being adopted by more and more enterprises and IoT solutions, security feature has become critical feature for privacy and trust. In Kafka 0.9 release, we’ve added SSL wire encryption, SASL/Kerberos for user authentication, and pluggable authorization. Now Kafka allows authentication of users, access control on who can read and write to a Kafka topic. New security mechanism is compatible with rest of Hadoop security . Apache Ranger also uses pluggable authorization mechanism to centralize security for Kafka and other Hadoop ecosystem projects.

In this session we will cover the goals, internal design of security features and the best practices for using this in production. Also we recover the upcoming Apache Kafka 0.10 release and new features.


Parth Brahmbhatt, Sr. Software Engineer at Netflix and Apache Storm Committer & PMC