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-Aphorism from G.I. Gurdjieff

We are the Gurdjieff Foundation of Texas-Dallas, part of the world wide network of Foundation/ Society groups that meet to study the ideas and teaching of G.I. Gurdjieff. We use this meetup space as a point of contact for those searching for a Gurdjieff group. Most of our members are not on this site so the numbers listed as attending meetings will always be between two and four.

We also created this site to share with those of you; who are seeking meaning and truth, an exploration of consciousness, a deeper understanding of the need to awaken, to the ideas and teaching of the twentieth century Fourth Way spiritual teacher G.I. Gurdjieff.

If these ideas touch you in such a way that you are interested in pursuing Group Work. It would be helpful to meet with one of the senior members of the group to discuss the forms of the Work and to discuss "What Is Your Question?" This process of Being In Question is central to the study of Gurdjieff's teaching. You may find it helpful to review the suggested reading material listed on our "Pages" link above, as well as the discussions posted in our "Discussions" link above.

We are a group of people brought together in community to study the ideas and work of G.I. Gurdjieff (1866-1949). Gurdjieff brought a spiritual teaching, often referred to as the Fourth Way, designed to help man in pursuit of awakening to his full potential and possibilities; to his Being, to the reality of what is. Gurdjieff's work centers around self knowledge and the development of a new force of attention that calls a person to a finer conscious participation in life.

Through the sincere questioning and study of "myself as I am", Gurdjieff believed that a man could develop this new quality of attention. A central concept of the Gurdjieff work is that man does not know himself. He does not see that he lives an illusion that he is awake. He does not see that he lives a waking-sleep; that he is a machine, an automaton where everything happens without his conscious participation. Verifying this state of being through self observation is a step towards awakening to the conscious potential within us all. Gurdjieff proposes to us, that if man is to awaken he will have to study his sleep and all of its manifestations. It is just this search we are in need of.

Gurdjieff believed that for a person to search he must find a group of people to search with. It is through this common work together that this search for awakening can occur. The development of a practice in relationship to the study of self and these ideas is the reason we exist. We welcome all who are interested in such a search.

We meet weekly to study these ideas. If you are interested in participating please contact Raymond at 214-392-4945. It is very important to contact us prior to attending a meeting, please do not just come unannounced to a meeting. It is most helpful to know the form of the meeting ahead of time -

We also have a Facebook page- The Gurdjieff Foundation of Texas, Dallas Group that you may be interested in visiting.

If you live in or around the Houston area and would like to Work with these ideas please contact the The Gurdjieff Foundation of Texas. The Houston Group has a web page, facebook page as well as a meet-up page.

Thanks, Mary Jane

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