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Have you ever regretted NOT doing something?

Has self doubt and anxiety ever held you back in life?

Was there ever a time you wish you had said or done something, but didn't?

If so, this meetup is for you. Fear and self doubt all too often limit us from the best part of ourselves, and from the best things in life. Whether its trying something new with your life, or approaching a stranger, too many of us hesitate out of self doubt. Windows of opportunities come and go quickly, and life is way too short to be held back by fear!

Come and learn effective techniques to turn crippling self doubts, anxieties and fears into self-confidence, freedom and peace of mind.

This meetup includes education, discussion, and exercises so you can use these lessons outside of the meetup.

If you practice, you'll get results that will make you happy. So come, learn, and meet other locals who are interested in overcoming their self doubts and fears. This meetup is not therapy or professional help.

What is Confidence? & What is Fear? For You?

Originally as babies, we are only born with 2 fears. The fear of falling and the fear of loud noises. Everything else is learned.

And everything we've learned can be unlearned. The patterns of thought, behavior and belief that guide us can be changed.

Bruce Springstein and Al Pacino both described the same exact physical feelings in the their gut, butterflies, etc. And for one of them those sensations meant stage fright, and for the other those exact same sensations meant excitement.

Let's explore different ways to create more confidence and release fear. We'll talk, share and we'll invite various coaches and practitioners to share their methodologies. And I'll share some of the techniques I've learned from hypnosis, NLP, somatic re-patterning, massage and other techniques.

We'll grow more confident and change together.

Sincerely Yours,

Joel - http://www.joelelfman.com

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