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What we’re about

Hello there! This is the continuation of our old, well-loved Language Exchange Meetup Group, which has, in one guise or another, been running (mostly in various Galway pubs :)) since 2010. It's just a relaxed social group that meets on Monday evenings over a pint or two (or other poison of your choice) for people to get a chance to practice different foreign languages they are learning or have learnt, so remember, the more languages (and people) the merrier!
We usually get a good mix of English, Spanish, French, German speakers, with sometime smatterings of Italian, Portuguese, Japanese etc etc. The group has always been nice and lively, so I hope you join us to help keep it so! Every language is welcome!! :)

NOTICE April 2023: The policy for our group is self-service at the bar for your drinks; having table service for a group as big as ours is not really feasible or fair on the organisers. Thank you, everyone! :)

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