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Mobile Web & Gaming Hackathon

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Mobile Web & Gaming HACKATHON

This is a special event being done by the Hacker Lab Meetup (, it's their first big event and we are working with them to really help build up the startup scene here in Sacramento.

Use promo code "SacGameDev" to get $10.00 Off If you are a student you can get another discount as well!

Come by yourself or bring a team.
Pitch to build teams.
Programmers, Artists, Designers!
Compete to Win Cool Prizes!
Brought To You By Hacker Lab -- (
Presenting Sponsors Venture Start and Sacramento Press

What is a Hackathon (

A Hackathon is where people sprint in short period of time to code and develop products or services. There are different types of Hackathons but this is what we are doing. Think of it as a one of the Sac Jams ( that normally take place but times four :-)

What will happen at the Hackathon?
People will come with teams or participate in activities to build teams.
Once their team is established they will begin building out their project.
At the end of the Hackathon the projects and teams will be presented and judged in a competition like setting.

What can we build at The Hackathon?
This is a Mobile, Game and Web Development Hackathon. So you can build anything in that Technology space.

Will there be Judges?
Yes, we will have a small panel of Techies judging projects and presentations.

Can my project already be built before coming out to the Hackathon?
No, all projects must be built in their entirety at the Hackathon. All coding will be submitted to Git Hub for validation and any cheaters will be disqualified.

What if my idea is a Top Secret?
If you are afraid of letting your secret out. We reccomend you not participating in Hackathons. Frankly, most of people in the startup world rarely come across something that has not been done yet. Someone can take your idea but they can't take your vision and that is what makes your idea unique.

What if I am not a Designer or Programmer?
That is okay! There is always a need for an idea person... But you must contribute in some way! Even if it means starting to code, design or even the person who gets the coffee for everyone else.

If anyone has questions please contact Joseph Burchett (