Past Meetup

Sac Jam 12: Jamming with HTML5/JS


This time it's going to be an HTML5 based jam! So you can use anything you want as long as it produces something that can run in the browser without a plugin :-) Javascript is the current hotness right now but it can a real challenge to work with... Lets see what we can do with it!

We are going back to our normal 8 hour jams for a while... This will be our first since August :-D So lets see what you all can do under the pressure ;-)


12:10-12:30pm Introduction presentation

12:40- 1:30pm break up into teams/mingle

1:40-7:40pm jam!

7:40-8:00pm clean up

8:00pm-8:40pm presentations

8:50-9pm group post-mortem

You will need to bring your own computer!