Canceled Meetup

Unity Usergroup Munich: Light & Shadows (Talk about "dynamicGI" by Chris Kahler)


Unity (the game engine) has become the de-facto standard in the indie and mobile parts of the games industry. A lot of developers in Munich have adopted the tech since it was released in 2005 and now it's time to to share our insights and get the most out of the engine. This meetup is mostly targeted at advanced / experienced Unity users who want to discuss the problems that you run into when you actually release a polished game with Unity - stuff that is not in the engine's documentation already.

Every month we'll pick one topic for discussion. For this we'll need one person to prepare a short talk / introduction / session each month. After that we'll go into a full-on discussion and then degrade into beer/pizza afterwards.


This month's topic is "Light & Shadows". Come and discuss everything from Light Probes to Beast Lightmaps. We'll start with a talk titled "dynamicGI - the new global illumination technique for Unity" by Chris Kahler. Then we'll open up the discussion and share our experiences with lighting in general.