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What we’re about

Have fun with games - face to face. We meet at The Library Pot for food and games, there is usually a £5 cover charge which allows you to play games until the end of a session, and a minimum spend of £10 on food and drink.

The minimum age for all our events is 18 years old.

You can meet up with like-minded people to play all sorts of games:

newer games such as Settlers of Catan, Carcassonne, Mysterium, Dixit, Avalon, Kamisado;

ancient strategy board games like Go! / iGo, Mahjong, Yahtzee, chess (Shogi Japanese chess, XianChi Chinese chess and even 3-player chess), backgammon and ludo;

traditional board games such as Monopoly (with discussion about rule variations) and Scrabble are still very popular;

louder board games like Cards Against Humanity (17 years age minimum), Trivial Pursuit (various editions), Pictionary, Operation and Jenga; and

less well known board games such as Keyword, Scoop! and Portobello Market.

You can even bring along your own games. There will always be a pack (or two) of cards handy for Canasta or even Snap! Join up and let us know which games you prefer and RSVP for events that take your fancy.

Games sessions at The Library Pot:

Friday noon till 5pm; 6pm to 11pm; Saturday noon to 5pm and 6pm to 11pm; Sunday noon to 4.30pm and 5pm to 9:30pm.