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Playcrafting provides affordable education and industry events to help grow the game development community. We aim to help gamers and enthusiasts become developers and skilled developers become successful at expanding their audience and revenue. We do this through one-night classes, eight-week courses, and industry events (both large and small) for game developers and those aspiring to make games in topics including game design, programming, art, business and more.

IMPORTANT: We only use Meetup as a way to bring new people to our community events (such as our Demo Nights, panels, and Playtest Events). For our full list of events, including classes and workshops, please visit our website ( http://www.playcrafting.com )

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Past events (590)

Play NYC 2022

Chelsea Industrial

Global Game Jam 2021 | Playcrafting Site

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Creating Interactive Audio Systems: An Introduction to FMOD

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INFO SESSION: Legal Roadmap for Video Game Development

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