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Dungeon World: City of Bone (1 of 2)
The world of Bish is grim and unforgiving for those without bloodline or powerful magics. Common people gather together in small fortified towns or in one of the mighty cities governed by the Nobles. Grandest of these is the City of Bone jutting out into the wasteland. Wretched underlings and other, stranger forces seek to raise the city but are always rebuffed by the Nobles united armies and magics. But after a long peace they have begun to bicker and scheme against each other. Some have even accused their peers of consorting with foul creatures against the city. As free folk living in the city it is best to avoid such games and do what you can to make your way, but this is not always possible. Join me and up to three other players as we explore the City of Bone and the surrounding wasteland. We will be playing on the 14th and 28th of November, skipping Thanksgiving. You do not have to attend both sessions but it is appreciated and your spot is up for grabs unless you RSVP. All standard DW classes are available with the exception of the Druid. Feel free to comment below to claim one. Expect: grim violence, murder, political intrigue, wealth disparity, savage monsters and evil humanoids. The X-card will be enforced.

Jax Grill

1613 Shepherd Drive · Houston, TX

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