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What we’re about

The Gdansk Open Source Meetup is the Gdansk edition of the Open Source Meetups series of events hosted by and for people who want to keep up with (and contribute to!) the most innovative and disruptive open source initiatives and projects the world of high tech has to offer.

Hence, meetups will address a variety of topics spanning from open source software and open research through open cloud, open hardware, open FPGA and open silicon - and present the open source movement that is happening in increasingly important though less obvious areas such as AI and IoT.

Join us to discuss established open source projects as well as new developments and trends in open technologies that may be considered in many ways critical to the future: computer architectures, algorithmics and artificial intelligence, new programming paradigms and methods, continuous integration and test automation, or electronics design and hardware development.

You will learn about the latest developments in some of the world’s most important and market-driving projects such as Zephyr, Linux, Android and ROS. You might want to become a builder of early implementations of the open RISC‑V or OpenPOWER ISAs, or be working with AI, video processing and machine learning using tools such as TensorFlow, OpenCV or Kenning.

Expect at least two technical presentations per meetup, followed by socializing and evening networking with drinks and refreshments.

And if you happen to be in Wroclaw or Poznan, don’t miss the other local editions of the Open Source Meetup series!

Gdansk Open Source Meetups are organized at the initiative and sponsorship of Antmicro.