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What we’re about

GDG Cyprus is an independent group of developers across Cyprus. We aim to run tech talks, workshops, study groups, networking events and hackathons as well as partner with major initiatives in Cyprus to promote and support the technical community of Cyprus.
We strive to learn and share knowledge about challenging topics in a casual, friendly and respectful atmosphere.
Hope to see you in person at one of our events!
Google Developer Groups (GDGs) are for developers who are interested in Google's developer technology; everything from the Android, Chrome, Drive, and Google Cloud platforms, to product APIs like the Cast API, Maps API, and YouTube API.

A GDG can take many forms -- from just a few people getting together to watch our latest video, to large gatherings with demos and tech talks, to events like code sprints and hackathons. However, at the core, GDGs are focused on developers and technical content, and the core audience should be developers.