Responsive Images for the Web and Getting Started with Automated Testing

GDG New Orleans
GDG New Orleans
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This month we're hosting two speakers.

Stan Williams, a Senior Solutions Engineer at Sauce Labs will be presenting "Simple Sauce: Getting Started with Automated Testing"

Sia Karamalegos will talk about Responsive Images for the Web. Images account for 50% of the bytes downloaded to load a website. How can you make sure that your users only download the smallest image necessary while preserving image quality? In this talk, we'll focus on the underlying concepts in HTML and CSS for serving responsive images, which you can take with you no matter which tool you use.Which file formats suit which image types best? How can you use art direction in images to show the best image for a viewport layout? Come learn about this and more!

GDG New Orleans is a monthly meeting where developers can present on any topic related to technology and software development.

Our meetup is proudly sponsored by our DevFest 2019 sponsors: iSeatz, CGI Federal, CDIT, Mark,, LookFar Labs, and CotingaSoft.