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[DATE TBD] Women TechMakers - International Women’s Day 2020 #WTM20

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Amanda C. and 4 others
[DATE TBD] Women TechMakers - International Women’s Day 2020 #WTM20


[This event has been postponed to a date to be defined due to the current COVID-19 Outbreak, we will monitor the situation and we will let you know as soon as it is possible - please monitor this space as we will be offering webinars, workshops, and other online events to get through together this hard period]


Join us for International Women’s Day

#Diversity #DialogFlow #Firebase #GCP #SystemArchitecture

Talks & Speakers:

Ebru Cucen -> Survival Kit for Women in IT, from a mother who has spent 15 years in IT, most of the time the only women engineer/lead in her teams. This talk is about biases, how we can enable more diverse conversations and enjoy family life.

She has a focus on team collaboration, product ideas, and enabling financial institutions to adapt to the brave new world better. She is a technical reviewer of the book "Learning DevOps" published in Nov 2019. For the last two decades, she had multiple hats such as programmer, trainer, architect, scrum master, coach, as well as wife, mum, and doing her best to have a balanced, happy life. She loves learning, pushing boundaries, and would never say no to a glass of red wine or preparing maths questions for her 7yr old son!


Amanda Cavallaro & Laura Morinigo -> Building your own automated conversations. You can use Dialogflow, Firebase and Google Cloud Platform for many reasons, we can create interactions to be used within your own communities, may it be a conversational action for families, companies, sports; to help workflows for both customers and businesses. Sometimes it can be a bad thing to talk to an automated conversation if it is not well-designed.

Everyone at all levels is welcome to attend this talk!

Laura is a senior software developer, advocate, and mentor. Her enthusiasm for technology and communities made her recognized as a Google Developer Expert and a Woman Techmakers Ambassador. Currently, she is a web developer advocate for Samsung Internet where she contributes to spread the word about advanced web features, especially PWA, helping web developers to create great and more inclusive web apps

Amanda is a software developer, passionate about Cloud technologies, Human-Computer Interactions and Chatbots. She is a Women Techmakers Lead and Community Organiser at GDG Cloud London. You can speak to her in Portuguese, English, Italian and a little Japanese.


Ayelet Sachto -> If you can drive you can architect a system: what you should not forget when architecting a solution

In this talk, I will try to simplify a complex subject, by demonstrating how natural solution architecture can be if you use a different perspective, implementing similar logic from a driver’s daily life through architecture challenges. We will start with demonstrating such trade-offs and design principles by asking simple questions as “which car would you buy?” and "What will your answer be if you have 1000$? 10M$, Would you buy the same car? Will it affect your decision If you driving 10 mins a day? 10 hours a day? Together we will cover the key points and questions you should consider when architecting your solution.

Ayelet is a strategic cloud engineer @Google UK, focusing on infrastructure, AppDev, and SRE. Throughout her 15 years career, She developed and architect large scale applications and data flows while implementing DevOps practices and SRE methodologies. Ayelet is also an active member in the tech community, she is a mentor, lecturer, and formerly lead the "Women in Hi-Tech'' community's content and mentoring program in Israel. In her spare time, Ayelet loves creating things if it's a dish in the kitchen, piece of code, or creating impactful content.
Ayelet is based in London, UK. Twitter @ayeletsachto

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