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Build Confidence in 90 Mins

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Free 30 Day Courses starting Feb 2024 - Friday 11am-12.30pm

• Feb 2024 - 30 Day Course - Reduce Stress & Anxiety

• March 2024 - 30 Day Course - Improve your Relationships

• April 2024 - 30 Day Course - Build Confidence

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Lauren Cartigny - The Self-Science Lab (Transformational Coach & Founder)

Hi! I'm Lauren. I am a Business and Life Coach. When I am not training Leaders and supporting the Human and Sales transformation of companies, my passion is supporting professionals who want to level up their careers. I am also a Women Techmakers Ambassador.
Following a successful international corporate career in Sales for leading Tech firms, at the height of my career closing a £10…

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Amanda Cavallaro, GDG Organizer

I'm an Aikidoka, Developer Advocate, Software Developer, Google Developers Expert, Linkedin Learning Author and a Full Stack Web Development Specialist.

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Bruno Ripa, GDG Organizer

I am an italian software architect, in the industry since 2006. I have been in entrepreneurship in Italy, for 6 years, and then continued my career in United Kingdom, in London (2012), a city (or, better, the City) which I consider as my second home. I have worked in several industries (gaming, fintech, digital asset management) and in many companies, with a 3 years parenthesis in Spain (2017-2020), precisely in Barcelona, where I have worked as a contractor for a few USA startups and an european company working in IoT. In March 2020 I made my way back in London, working for Erlang Solutions.
I am actually an independent consultant, working in the IoT market,

Arianna Capizzi, GDG Organizer

Jen Kwon, GDG Organizer

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