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What we’re about

One of the five groups in Portugal and one in more than 600 groups worldwide, Google Developers Group Lisbon is a group of developers with the main goal of sharing knowledge by organizing tech talks, workshops, conferences and assisting the Lisbon developer communities to grow through collaboration. GDG Lisbon considers itself has an open-source community, where events can be requested and even organized by members of the community. GDG Lisbon aims to deliver top quality events and content.


*A GDG is...

- Run by passionate individuals in local developer communities

- A group to share ideas and network with fellow developers

- A place to learn about Google technologies and development tools, as well as what local companies and developers are doing with these technologies

- Focused on developers and educational technical content

- Open to and free for all interested

*A GDG is NOT...

- Run by a corporation

- A place to hear sales pitches

- Focused on end-users or consumer content

- A closed group