DevFest 2019 - Agile, Sketching, UI, ML, Flutter, and more!

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GDG DevFests are community-run events that can offer speaker sessions across multiple product areas, including hack-a-thons, codelabs, and more.

The planning of our DevFest is still work in progress, yet you can save the date: September 28th.

Food and drinks will be served thanks to our sponsors. Gifts will be raffled out as well!

We have all of our speakers confirmed and our DevFest 2019 is shaping up to be the best ever! Book your spot before we're full :-)

Our 7 talks and workshops:

Workshop - How can we bring the Agile Mindset to places outside of software development? (Amber Vanderburg)

In this chat, Amber will outline how we can bring the Agile mindset to places such as HR, finance, and marketing. This chat will provide new insights into how we can use Agile methods to transform our organizations.

Talk - Flutter for Android Developers (Denis Neklyudov)

Flutter became very popular among Android devs after release. But developers have many questions. With a new framework and programming language, they lost tools and approaches that they familiar with. No Retrofit, Room, Realm, DataBinding, RxJava and what architecture is the best for Flutter apps? This talk is addressed to answer Android developers questions to help them to enjoy creating production-ready mobile apps.

Talk - Analyzing Twitter Data for Disaster Response (Avolyn Fisher)

Talk - Embedded Platforms: Lessons from Google & Partners (Jeremy Glassenberg)

As popular web services extend their developer platforms for partners to integrate directly into their interfaces, design trends are forming from experiences in the world of embedded integrations. With Google Drive connecting tools like Balsamiq and ShiftEdit, Gmail enabling Docusign in their web and mobile UI, and Trello’s PowerUps, custom experiences powered by third parties are proving themselves to be a great way to improve one’s product and grow your business.

Talk - How to Change Career Paths in Tech (Milecia McGregor)

Staying in a field you aren’t passionate about makes it hard to go to work. When you know you want to stay in tech, but your current position is driving you crazy it’s time to make some decisions. There are so many different roles you can do in the tech industry like, database administration, mobile app development, DevOps, front-end development, etc. You just have to pick one and commit to learning about it.

Workshop - You Too Can Be A Sketching Machine! (Rizwan Javaid)

Sketching is a crucial skill that spans all job titles. It helps with brainstorming ideas, iterating through concepts, and communicating our ideas to others. Whether working individually or in a group, our ability to sketch helps take the abstract ideas out of heads and into the real world. If you’re not comfortable sketching then there is little chance that your ideas will stick with you, your team members, and even your clients. Come prepared to do a fun, challenging, and inspiring sketching exercises so you can experience the power of sketching firsthand.

Talk - Using Machine Learning To Improve UI/UX (Milecia McGregor)

In this talk, attendees will learn some background on machine learning and algorithms and see examples of where TensorFlow.js can be used in real applications. We’ll cover business cases in web development where machine learning can help, how neural networks work, and how JavaScript can be used to train a model and make real-time updates for users. By the end of the talk, attendees should have a good understanding of basic machine learning concepts and an idea of how they could get started with TensorFlow.js.