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Das(The) Waldhorn Restaurant in Pineville - The ONLY German Restaurant here!!!!

Hosted by Good Eats & Meets-Charlotte

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Waldhorn Restaurant

12101 Lancaster Highway · Pineville, NC

How to find us

I will be at the front door until 7:30 to lead you to the groups. Otherwise, ask for Ground Zero Singles Over 40 OR Patricia.

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Wurstplatte Bratwurst platter and Lammruecken Rack of lamb
Gebratene Ente
Oven roasted Duck and Rinderrouladen Beef Rouladen

Rinderfilet "Stephanie"
Beef Filet Mignon

Okay, they may have "funny" names but believe me, this place is one of the most POPULAR places in Charlotte! Just try to get in there on any night, and they even have the PO-lice out there, directing the traffic, LOL! You KNOW you have a good place when the PO-lice are involved!

I LOVE German food! I actually speak German (Ich schpreche Deutsch!), nur ein bischen!

ALL the past German restaurants in Charlotte have closed down - I have been here long enough to have enjoyed two. But this one is THE BOMB! I have NEVER been here, admittedly, but all the reviews are excellent, and I judge from the traffic around there one ANY given night. People are waiting to get in there - ALWAYS! I am sure this one will Blow away any I have experienced in the past! So....

Let's join the line! Actually, WE have reservations! On February 8th! So tell your friends who have an adventurous spirit and those who long to experience cuisine from foreign lands ... like me! And my wonderful Event Organizers - JOIN US!

We Love you all! Wir Lieben Sie Alles! (Auf Deutsch!) We Love You ALL! (in English)!

Pietra and Heidi, correct me if I am wrong!

Patricia and Ground Zero Singles Over 40 Adventurous and Reliable Event Organizers...