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Earth Market In Greenville...Join Us!

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Join us for the Earth Market is Greenville. It is the first one launched in the United States! So if you are interested in GREAT LOCAL SC FOOD, NO pesticides, No hormones No antibiotics and NO GMO's (Genetically Modified Organisims) then come and see what it is all about! (

Slow Food Earth Market

Not just another market

Good, Clean and Fair Farmers Market, certified by the Slow Food Foundation of Bio-Diversity.

EBT NOW Approved! (

The Earth Market will re-open in the Spring of 2013 at a new location.

220 North Main St. Greenville SC 29601 (,+Greenville,+SC+29601&hnear=0x885831d1b8140f45:0xf6c7b7c1a938da71,220+N+Main+St,+Greenville,+SC+29601&t=m&z=14)

@the Hyatt Hotel and Roost Restuarant

in NoMa Square NEW DAY, Third Wednesdays of the month from 3 pm- 7 pmMay 15, June 19, July 17, August 21, Sept. 18 Holiday Markets Saturdays, November 23 and December 14 from 10 am until 1 pm

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Earth Markets (

are part of a worldwide NETWORK of farmers' markets respecting theSLOW FOOD philosophy.

COMMUNITY-run farmer's markets that strengthen local food networks.

Quality food you can TRUST, bought directly from the producers.

Fair prices for both consumers and producers that foster LOCAL ECONOMIES.

Access to good, clean and fair food from the local area to reduce food miles andSHORTEN the FOOD CHAIN.

Consumers become COPRODUCERS, learning from producers and EDUCATIONALactivities.

They preserve the food culture of the local community and contribute to defendingBIODIVERSITY.

At an Earth market, you will only find producers selling their own products, on farms who make everyday commitments to preserving the earth, the soil, the air and water by their farming practices.

Refusing to use chemicals such as pesticides, herbicides, steroids, hormones, and seeds which are genetically modifiedtakes much more effort on their part, and reduces the amount of product they will be able to sell, yet because of their devotion to these age old methods, the farm products are free of any harmful additives to the consumer's health, reducing the risk of cancer and other diseases, and which prevents future risks of diseases by not adding these harmful substances to the water or soil systems.

Appalachian Organics (

: Jack and Katie Taylor,making your garden soil rich and productive organically.

BioWay Farm ( A perma-culture farm, produces an array of fresh vegetables and fruit.

Brother Moon Bread ( Bread baked in a wood-fired oven, traditional European styles.

Carolina Honeybees: ( Charlotte Anderson has delicious honey available, including theArk of Taste Sourwood honey. (

Earth Perks: ( Rich Davis bring delicious fresh produce and eggs!

Garden Delights ( Julie Thompson-Adlof Nursery has plants for your vegetable garden, including many rare varieties.

Gibson Farms ( Winner of the SC Cattleman's Environmental stewardship award, Angus Beef.

Henson Farms: Marietta, SC brings live plants for your kitchen garden. Muscadine, blueberry, blackberry raspberry, asparagus, tomatoes, fig trees, and so much more.

Little Creek Plantation: ( and yarn from Navajo Churro Sheep (, Ark of Taste, Lamb, Piney Woods Cattle beef,

Ossabaw Island Pork ( Ark of Taste pork sausage and Dutch Belted beef (a heritage cattle), as well as Navajo Churro sheep’s wool and yarn.

Parson Produce: ( Parson offers garden fresh beets, Hakurei salad turnips, arugula, lettuce--butter head and romaine, broccoli, rapini, mustard greens, collards, Lacinato kale, kohlrabi, carrots, radish, sweet potatoes, beautiful cut flowers, ... and a perhaps a couple of surprises.

Video Parson Produce. (

Timberock at Hopkins Farm John and Agnew Hopkins ( heritage breed and Ark of Taste American Bronze Turkeys and New Hampshire Chickens. The farm has been in the family for 8 generations.

Walker Century Farms: ( grass fed Red Devon Cattle beef.

What will you find at an Earth Market?Products are local, seasonal, and produced using sustainable methodsSold at a fair price for both producer and consumer

Products are noted for their gastronomic excellenceProducts are clean, organically produced in natural environments (however not necessarily certified organic due to excessive costs), fertilizers must be mainly manure or other organic types, and soil conservation practiced, and must ensure a low environmental impactNo hormones or other stimulants, growth accelerators permittedNo phyto-chemical or fixed residues or artificial enhancersProducts use NO genetically modified organisms at any stage of productionFresh foods will only be local and seasonalNon-local foods may appear as guests but must be less than 10% of the marketMust pass a tasting commission appointed by Slow Food evaluated on gastronomic excellence: complexity, balance, local character