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What we’re about

·       Smart? Weird? Identify as a woman? (non-binary, gender queer are welcome) Dying for new girlfriends who "get you"? This is your group! All ages welcome, but be prepared for some seriously intelligent conversation. Topics will be all over the place and off the wall.
·       PLEASE JOIN if you're open-minded, eccentric, smart, someone who can listen as well as share, fun, funny, opinionated, thoughtful, awesome.
·       PLEASE DO NOT JOIN if: you're a guy (YOU WILL BE REMOVED ASAP, let's not waste each other's time), you want to make this all about you, can't roll with people who have different politics or religions.
·       ***DO NOT SEND EMAIL TO THE ORGANIZERS TRYING TO SELL OUR GROUP ANYTHING. Any emails received like this will be reported.***
·       Main group rules:
·       • Geek women only
·       • A personal photo of each member is required, this photo can be different for your Geek Girls profile than from your standard Meetup profile. We all joined this group to meet fellow Geek Girls, it's hard to identify someone else without their face, and it helps ease the butterflies to have a picture of the people you're looking out for. We also require that your name/name you go by be in your profile info. No one wants to introduce "Geek1970", we unfortunately are not a spy group, so don't need handles.
·       • Once members have signed up for an event, they are responsible to update their RSVP to "No" in the event something has come up or plans have changed. If cancelling less then 48 hrs ahead of the event, please provide a general FYI to the organizer of the event or the Meetup group. This is a courtesy to the event host and other members. If the event has already started or you are unable to notify immediately, please reach out to the event organizer ASAP. Failure to do so will result in a "No Show". 3 No Shows within 1 year (starting 10/1/17) will result in removal from the group. Repeated last minute cancellations without excuse will be considered as "No Show".
·       • Please do not treat "Yes" like a Maybe. If you are not sure, just sign up later vs backing out.
·       • No Drop ins, if you are planning on attending an event, you must sign up. Spots are often limited, and event organizers need to know who to expect.
·       • Events may have a minimum attendance sign up. If sign ups drop below the minimum, the event may be cancelled or rescheduled. Notice will be given via the event title, comments, etc. Please try to keep your RSVP "Yes", it's not fair to others to have their plans cancelled if the sign up goes too low.
·       • Geek Girls of the East Valley events are a No Judgement Zone. Many of us have been geeks far longer than it has been popular, we know what it's like to be teased, told what we like is silly, be misunderstood. We need to strive to extend this understanding to any differences in opinion. Debates are always welcome, let's just remember to keep them respectful.  If you encounter an issue, please discuss with an Organizer.
·       Geek Girls of the East Valley FAQ & Additional Rules!
·       Can I join if I don't live in the East Valley?
·       Of course! We have members who live in Downtown Phoenix, the West Valley and the North Valley. Just be aware that most events take place around Tempe, Mesa, Chandler, Gilbert because that's where the event organizers are. If you'd like to start seeing Phoenix events and are willing to create some, please contact an Organizer. we'd be happy to help establish other Geek Girl location Meetup groups.
·       I'm new to Arizona. Is the Geek Girls a good Meetup to join?
·       Welcome to Arizona! The Geek Girls are a GREAT Meetup for new people. Many of our members are newer to the valley and are looking to build their social circle here!
·       What are the Geek Girls generally like?
·       Our members are really diverse, from all kinds of backgrounds. The common threads among us are intelligence and curiosity, though we also tend to be independent, well-read, and we really enjoy conversation. The group tends to skew to the liberal side politically and non-religious or non-traditionally religious, though we welcome everyone. Be aware that we're pretty opinionated and seem to love talking about politics and religion. 
·       :)
·       We have a wide variety of geeks -- art geeks, computer geeks, law geeks, writer geeks, number-cruncher geeks, medical geeks, business geeks, craft geeks, book geeks, fandom geeks, all over the place. We're college students, professionals, single, married, divorcees, moms, and grandmothers. Just no robots, that we know of.
·       Also, it's worth noting that the term Geek Girls does not by any means limit the ages of the group. Based on meetup attendances, members of the group range in age from 20s to 50s, though any adult age Geek Girls are absolutely welcome!
·       I'm intelligent, but socially awkward. Am I going to feel out of place?
·       It depends. If you are respectful and polite, you will be just fine. We will make an attempt to reach out to you and engage you in conversation. Understanding being socially awkward is our game. On the other hand, if you try to take over the conversation, call a lot of attention to yourself or otherwise show a disinterest in the feelings of other members, you may be met with a less-than-welcoming response.
·       Additionally, members may be removed from events or from the group itself if complaints begin to surface regarding behavior.
·       I have super strong opinions about the things I love and the things I don't like, is that a problem?
·       You sound like a geek! You are one of us, however Geek Girls of the East Valley events are a No Judgement Zone. Many of us were geeks when it was soooo not cool. We know what it's like to be teased, misunderstood, and ridiculed for liking something that was not popular. It is ok to debate, ok to have differences of opinion, but please remember to be respectful, as others may believe differently than yourself. If you ever feel judged or see an issue, please notify an Organizer.
·       i.e. Star Wars and Star Trek are both amazing bits of Sci Fi, if you don't like one (or either), that is A-Ok. You're a geek, there is always something that you do have in common with others. Focus on those things :)
·       I am soooo in love with my boyfriend/fiancé/husband! Can I bring him to Geek Girls Meetups?
·       We have specifically labeled events that allow non-geek-girl adult friends. Check to make sure they're allowed, and RSVP them. Otherwise, Geek Girl events are for Geek Girls only.
·       I have a great kid! Can I bring him or her?
·       If the Meetup event allows geeks in training (this will be explicitly noted), you can bring children. Please RSVP him or her in addition to yourself for headcount. Otherwise, please do not bring children, as not all members enjoy the company of children and not all events are G rated.
·       How should I pay for events?
·       Try to bring cash. Most of the time we can get separate checks, but restaurants don't like doing this and we want to be welcome to come back. Some restaurants and venues do not split checks under any circumstances.
·       Is there a fee to be a member?
·       No, but there is a fee for Geek Girls of the East Valley to exist. It is approx $96.96 every 6 months. Check out our funds tracking page for details Geek Girls Meet Up Money You can pitch in by dropping a few dollars with an event organizer, or show your Geek Girl pride and purchase from our store.
·       Do I need to RSVP No to event I don't want to attend?
·       Not unless you already RSVP'd differently. Please RSVP "No" if you were a previous "Yes" so we don't put you in a final headcount. Please be courteous and take the time to RSVP "No" instead of just notifying the organizer or posting a comment. Event organizers are often busy with pre-event preparation, if there is a wait list and you only made a comment that you could not attend, that keeps your spot from opening up for others. Remember to try update your RSVP to "No" 48 hrs prior, if possible.
·       Make sure to check ALL event details. When applicable, there will be minimum attendance sign ups for events. If sign ups drop below the minimum, it may be cancelled, so always check the event prior. The event will be updated, a comment given, etc. * There may be important activities happening at the event, if you don't read the details, you could miss out on important information.
·       I'm a geek guy. Why can't I join?
·       Because then we would have all these guys around -- not just you and this place is OURS, believe it or not! There are a few, great, local co-ed geek groups run here on meetup, you should look into starting or joining one of them.
·       I know of this great event that I think the Geek Girls would enjoy. Can I invite you?
·       Yes -- send info to the organizer, and if it sounds good, we'll make it a Meetup. Consider hosting or helping an organizer host this event. Believe it or not, some us are nervous about new things too!
·       I'm a Meetup organizer. I'd like my group to hang out with your group. Is this possible?
·       Sure, send details of specific events to the organizer and we'll consider them. Please don't crash our scheduled Meetups. If you do notice that we have something scheduled at the same time/place as your activity, let an Organizer know if you think this would cause a problem. Honest, we don't do it on purpose, there are just only so many good venues in the east valley.
·       I own a local business and I'd love it if you held your Meetup at my place.
·       Hazzah!! Great! We are always looking for new places to check out. Keep in mind that we are going to do our homework before we book an event and will evaluate your business on its appropriateness with our group.