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Are you a Leonard looking for your Penny? Are you an Amy Farrah Fowler looking for your Sheldon? Are you a rocket scientist, physicist, engineer, academic, or other intellectual looking for other people who understand you? Are you a gamer looking for other gamers, but no "players"? Through Geeky Singles we hope to build a community of intelligent singles to do things together. Social activities and networking for geeks, nerds, dorks, and other smarty pants. Let's talk nerdy to each other.

NOTE: Meetup is not a dating site/app. It's a platform for people to meet up in person at events. It is inappropriate to contact people through Meetup that you have not meet at an event. If an organizer finds out or is informed that you've contacted someone you haven't met at a Meetup event, you will be removed the group. Geeky Singles has a zero tolerance policy for harassment and other inappropriate behavior.

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