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Geek.Zone/Coventry is the place to meet geeks in Coventry and the West Midlands!

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Upcoming events (5)

PC Online Role-playing Games - WOW!

Online event

During this uncertain time, we need to fight. Fight for your lives across with world of Azeroth, defeat trolls, demons and upgrade your character. Join us, as we travel and fight together online - the PC Master race! Be sure to be using the same edition or it may not work. Post your Gamertag in the comments, and enjoy! Join in whenever you are able, we will be playing quite late!

HackLab: Sunday Code Club #meetandcode

Online - Google Meet

Want to improve your coding skills? How about building something that the entire Geek.Zone community will use? Are you desperate for more devs in your life? Would you like a professional reference too? Come to HackLab, our weekly software development group where we talk about all things code. We are particularly eager to progress all the projects that Geek.Zone is working on - see our Trello at https://trello.com/b/QEXZPnUb Due to public health concerns, we will ONLY be meeting on Google Meet until further notice. https://meet.google.com/nip-zxin-dsy PS Wondering what the event image is? It's a Glider from Conway's Life. Eric S. Raymond has proposed the glider as an emblem to represent the hacker subculture.

Geek Grub: A meal together at our Virtual Restaurant!

Online - Google Meet

Usually, we go for a meal out at one of Coventry's fine establishments. As all the restaurants are closed due to the coronavirus, cook up a storm at home, and join us for dinner at our virtual restaurant! https://meet.google.com/kfh-yzxc-wxv We will share cooking tips, how to survive the lockdown and talk about all our usual geekery!

Virtual Pint Night: Games & Friends from a Safe Distance!

Online - Google Meet

As per Government direction, all Geek.Zone events are being held online wherever possible. Join us in our virtual pub at https://meet.google.com/wau-kemh-sos Please DO NOT go to the pub on this occasion. It's closed anyway. Join us in a celebration of reaching the end of the week for geektastic times at our virtual Google Meet pub! As this is a somewhat unusual Pint Night, some group events have been planned that we can join in together while we enjoy the comfort of our own homes. These include; Pub Quiz: In typical Geek.Zone fashion, our pub quiz will be very nerdy! As always, there will be a prize for the winner, which, in keeping with the current situation, will be a Steam game! Speed Geek: Choose between two options and tell everyone why yours is the best! Read my lips: Put yourself on mute and read the secret phrase. Everyone has to guess what you are saying just from your face! Future Geek.Zone events: if you have an idea for a future GeekZone event this is the perfect opportunity to do some planning and discuss it with other members of the group as you will find many of the active GeekZone members at the weekly pint night. Geek.Zone relies on donations to fund the activities it carries out such as equipment for retro games(console) night and having a group on MeetUp isn't free either so if you would like to help out GeekZone please go to Geek.Zone/support and make a donation.

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