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What we’re about

Geekz United is a group for everyone! 
It's a group for all flavours of geeks; for anyone who's ever had a discussion about who would win in a fight between Batman and Superman, about who the best Buffy character is, about how Han shot first, or about which one of Hayao Miyazaki's movies was his best.

It's a group for people who want to try new things; whether they're looking for new board games to play or new places to play them,  an evening out on the town at a new restaurant followed a movie and discussion (or booze), or a wine tour in Niagara.
It's a group for anyone living in the GTA; we're always looking for event suggestions of all types (particularly for locations outside of the downtown core) as we plan to hold regular events in all parts of the city to cater to the interests of our members.

It's a group for you. 
Our primary rule will be strictly enforced: we have a zero tolerance policy for abusive or derogatory behaviour towards others including (but not limited to:) verbal or physical abuse (including name calling),  slurs (of any kind), bullying or discrimination, threats, insults, intimidation, lewd or inappropriate language, or violating the rights of others in any way.
Administrators reserve the right to augment this list at any time.
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