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GemCity TECH is a family of user groups bringing tech-focused content to the Dayton Ohio community. Our calendar is filled with opportunities to learn and share information 'about all things tech'.
Join us on our Discord server: https://discord.gg/nyDtEytbt6

Current user groups that GemCity TECH supports:

  1. Code For Dayton - Civic Hacking (David Best)
  2. New to Tech - software development fundamentals (Matt Alioto)
  3. Dayton .NET Developers - .NET, C#, MVC (Hanen Alkhafaji)
  4. Dayton Dynamic Languages - Python, Ruby, Rust (Catherine Devlin)
  5. Dayton Web Developers - JavaScript, frontend (Allen May)
  6. Frameworks - Design, UX, UI (Allen May)
  7. Gem City Game Developers - Unity, Blender (Brian Turner)
  8. Gem City Machine Learning - ML, AI, Python (Evelyn J. Boettcher)

Please join us at one or more of these groups for pizza and drinks.
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Upcoming events (4+)

Code For Dayton

Arcade Innovation Hub

Code For Dayton is a monthly user group meeting at the downtown Dayton Innovation Hub. The meetings follow the "hack night" format - a little discussion and show and tell up front, followed by an opportunity to break into groups to work on civic or community oriented projects.

We'll be back for another mob programming exercise - we ran into some issues with our scraper last month. I've fixed it, and pulled the data we'll need. It's all in our repo here! We should be in much better shape to wrap up the report task we started last month.

We'll also be discussing an opportunity to support a local group through some Wordpress design.

Check out CodeForDayton.org to find out more about us and what we are working on.

New To Tech

The Innovation Hub

Please note the change in start time to 6pm.

New to Tech is a group meeting monthly targeted at folks who are just starting to learn about software development, up through those already employed in the industry who are targeting their first promotion.* Topics will be presented twice, at the top of the month and then in the back half of the following month.

Topics will be split between software development fundamentals & career guidance and there will be plenty of time for group discussion & live coding. Please bring your laptop!

This month, we'll be talking about build systems (since we covered other topics last time) - how does your painstakingly wrought code get from your laptop onto a server in a safe and speedy fashion? I'm DevOps by trade so this is a topic near and dear to my heart - let's learn about build, release, and deployment!

Feel free to pop into the Gem City Tech discord. More experienced folks are welcome to attend & share their knowledge!

Dayton Web Developers - Putting Polyglot Notebooks to use for JavaScript

Arcade Innovation Hub

Would you like to have functional JavaScript code in your documents or your personal notes? Having these little experiments are handy for proving a theory or experimenting with code before start moving code around in your project.

The Polyglot Notebook extension (from Microsoft) allows you to use multiple programming languages natively all in the same notebook in Visual Studio Code!

If you've ever used Jupyter Notebooks for Python, you'll like Polyglot Notebooks for many other programming languages:

A monthly user group meeting at the downtown Dayton Innovation Hub. Join us to learn or share on modern web development topics.

We like to talk about best practices and modern tools & frameworks. We like to share what projects we're working on and learn from others how we can become web developers.

A topic has not yet been planned for this date. Would you like to share your web development experience with the group?

Dayton .NET Developers Group: Microservice Trench Warfare

The Innovation Hub

Join us tonight for "Microservice Trench Warfare - Taming the Beast you Created" by our speaker Heath Murphy.

Incoming Grenade! Hope your architecture can handle that blow. No? Come on in and learn how a self healing microservices architecture can make you bullet proof. No more 2:00 AM calls that production is down. I'll walk you through a large scale Microservices system we built and how we weathered the blows. Patterns that work, war stories from the trenches. We'll laugh and we'll cry as I describe the tactics, tips and tricks you need to run a successful Microservice based system. Circuit breakers, Partitioning/bulk heads, CQRS are just a few topics we cover with real world examples you can take back with you.

The Dayton .NET Developers Group helps Dayton area software developers, technical leads, and managers keep in touch with the latest in .NET-related technology and industry practices. Our meetings are free and the presentation lasts 60–75 minutes.

Past events (116)

New User Group Plannning/Brainstorming

Arcade Innovation Hub

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