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What we’re about

Members and Want-to-Be Generation-X Individuals who love 80's music, 80's fashion, 80's style, and 80's mindset group!!!

This exclusive group is for individuals that embraced new technology in their music, work, and play. Unafraid of fashion change, we believed (and still do) that the new tech in our music was about our lives, and concerts like the US festival and Live Aid made a difference if only in raising awareness.

We played the first video games, used the first personal computers, and freaked out our parents with weird music and fashion, and still thought we could change the world regardless of the number of earings and tinted hair...

We have a time spirit that we share a belief that we can still fight the norms with flair and ferocity that can make the world a better place.

If this sounds like you, then welcome to the Tampa Bay's Generation X~ Stuck in the 80's Meetup Group.