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One can never know too many people in business or in ones social life. It is extremely hard to meet other business people in Geneva or other professionals who have similar levels of education, work experience or world travel. Would it not be wonderful to get together regularly and meet people from diverse backgrounds and fields? Would it not be wonderful to meet other professionals regularly at meetups and network with them? This is a group for professionals who would like to meet like minded people for conversations, connections, friendships and maybe more. You may be looking to meet with well travelled people with similar interests but diverse experiences, with the possibility of forging business connections and friendships based on deeper connections.

We would like to create a group of like-minded professionals who prefer to network and socialise in relatively quiet locations where people can establish networks and friendships through interesting conversations and eloquent discussions. We will mingle effortlessly (or with help from me and any other organisers who may join me) and make friendships. In terms of ethos we will try and ensure our meetups are small enough to remember most names and make meaningful links with many members by the end of the evening. We would like to offer a safe, welcoming and inclusive environment, light hearted and without pressure, where members can feel confident about reaching out to each other, to create connections, companionships and contacts.

We will meet in pubs and bars on a couple of weekends a month.

Please provide a clear photo when you apply.

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