• St Cergue to La Dôle loop

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    ⭐ Please read the entire description below ⭐

    We have not climbed to La Dôle this summer, but it's never too late.


    We will start from St-Cergue train station at 10:00, make an 8 loop and come back to St-Cergue at around 16:00. We will walk at a steady pace and will be making stops for snacks, lunch and to admire the views.

    Duration: 5-6 hours (including breaks)
    Length: 16.3km
    Elevation gain: 835m.
    Difficulty: Moderate


    There are trains back to Nyon from St-Cergue at 16:02 and 16:32 so we have options to get back.


    Please take the red train R112 departing from Nyon at 9:22 and arriving at 9:58 in St-Cergue. Please note that to take this train you need to go behind the Nyon station and underground to Voie 21/22. To arrive in Nyon on time:

    • If you are coming from Geneva, take the IR15 leaving Geneva at 8:59 and arriving in Nyon at 9:13.
    • If you are coming from Lausanne, take the IR 90 leaving Lausanne at 8:48 and arriving in Nyon at 9:15.

    We will all get together at 10:00 for greetings at the St-Cergue train station and start our hike.


    -Hiking shoes
    -Warm layers of clothing
    -Lunch and snacks
    -Sufficient Water
    -Cap or hat


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