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What we’re about

We are Milwaukee's German language networking and meetup group. Whether you are from a German speaking country and have moved here recently, have lived in Milwaukee for a couple of years, or you speak German as a second language we invite you to our meetups. If you are interested in practicing your language skill or socializing with other German speakers, the German Language Meetup Group is a great way to meet people and get involved in the community.

The German Language Meetup group meets in five different locations each month. We will inform you about the many fun activities and family and cultural events happening in Milwaukee throughout the year. These activities and events appeal to a broad range of members, which includes couples, singles and families. Check out our Activities & Events site for more information.

Where we have come from . . . 
The Meetup website was started in 2006 to gather in one place the various stammtisch groups in the Milwaukee area. Heiko Zuerker, a German language and culture enthusiast, took the lead and made arrangements for creating the website. He had started and grown a stammtisch at Kegel's Inn on Saturday nights.
Zuerker managed and financially supported the site, followed by Elisabeth Sammer-Kohls and John Dienhart. Today the organizer is Sandy Casterline. All the Stammtische are conveniently listed in one place.
The earliest German language groups were started via "word of mouth" and with hosts managing email lists to remind attendees of the next Meetup date. Today there are five thriving Stammtische.

> Stammtisch Downtown Milwaukee: Petra Theurich and Sabine Schwark organized a Meetup downtown at The Old German Beer Hall when it opened in 2005. The moved to Cafe Brucke and then to the Über Tap Room and Cheese Bar.

> Lake Country Stammtisch: Petra started another group at Weissgerber's Gasthaus shortly thereafter which thrived in that one location until Weissgerber's closed and the group moved on to the Delafield Brew Haus and finally to the Thunder Bay Grill.

> Germantown Stammtisch: The stammtisch at the Von Rothernburg Vierstube in Germantown was started by Eveline Kehlert in 2013 and is currently next door at the Old Town Bier Hall, complete with a Hunde Bar (your dog will not go thirsty) and live music.

> Stammtisch Cafe Bavaria: The Cafe Bavaria Stammtisch was stated in 2015 by Doug Scott, which boasts a Stammtisch Ecke.

> Kenosha-Racine Stammtisch: This Stammtisch was organized by John Kiel and Petra Theurich in 2015 and moves between the Mars Cheese Castle and a summer outdoor location.

The groups are autonomous with individual hosts. The Meetup website lists further hosts who are involved today and it also occasionally lists other German events in the Greater Milwaukee community. Others, though not listed, have contributed and continue to do so to keep our Milwaukee Deutsch culture alive.
The Meetup website is the place for information on the current group locations, dates and times. We invite you to join us in promoting and supporting German language and culture!
Your Organizer team!