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We all want a happier, more active life.  But sometimes, it is a little hard to get moving.  We feel we could use a little bit of helpful push.  For others it may be we take on too much.  We need to get more clarity as to what to keep and what to let go of.

Getting-My-Butt-in-Gear Meetup has that little push we need to get going and the clarity to sort out what we really want. With our Progress Meetings and useful workshops, together we get organized and stay on track.  Join our fellow participants in a group session for a supportive workout learning how to more than just cope, but to actually get somewhere.

Progress Meetings had been privately going since June 2017 and then we became part of Meet-Up in 2018.  Now we are online with our Progress Meeting Lite.  It is a free introduction that you can sample to see if it is for you.  We plan to continue to expand by bringing regular meetings, workshops and presentations online too.  Once Covid is past, we will bring back our in-person Progress Meeting Regular.  It has more sharing and tools to choose from.

Workshops help us dig deeper into taking a look at our life, getting organized, seeing what we can do to improve our happiness, get rid of our old "stuff" that we are not happy about and be able then to move ahead more freely.  They give us a boost that we can keep going by regularly participating in the Progress Meetings.  There is nothing like emotional support when we feel stuck.

Join us in our "Work in Progress".

Healthy Living Meetup - health is more than just about food and exercise.

Neighbor-Net Meetup - for gathering of friends and neighbors in the Riverside area.

Sunshine House - A Healthy Living Home

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