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This Meetup serves as an interactive ghost tracking group for all those interested in the paranormal. Our meetings are attended by everyone from experienced Paranormal Investigation Teams, Authors, and those who believe they have lived in a haunted house or experienced paranormal activity to those having only a curiosity about ghosts and hauntings.

All are welcome to join us, no matter what your interest or experience level may be. We have a good time as we conduct a guided ghost hunt. You are encouraged to bring any equipment you may own as well as a flashlight. The sites will be safe and with reports of paranormal activity.

Traditionally, we gather at a restaurant, coffee house, or some other public space; meet, and get to know one another a bit. Then we will discuss the location and details of the hunt, and leave as a group, headed to the site.

I look forward to seeing everyone there!
Best regards,
Tina R. McSwain,
Founder & Director
The Charlotte Area Paranormal Society (CAPS)
Meetup Organizer

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July Meetup-The Bridges of Greenville County

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We will meet in the parking lot at 7PM. We will leave from there to investigate Campbells Covered Bridge.

Around dark we’ll leave and head back to the store for a break and then go to Poinsett Bridge.

Please note this location is an approximate 1hour and 40minutes from center Charlotte.


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June Meetup

Needs a location

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