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There is plenty of room in the gender gap in tech to make a difference. After all it's called a gap for a reason. It's because of this, I organise Girl Code meetups and try to raise more awareness for the gender gap in code: meetups for coders and everyone interested in code (yes everyone, men are welcome too).

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When you attend the meetups you agree we, photographers of Girl Code and the host company, can take pictures of you and these pictures may be shared on all Girl Code's and the organizer's websites and social media channels publicly. Also when I showcase Girl Code at other events or in the media I can choose to publish such a picture.

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Quality of Code - Girl Code @ bol.com


Yay!!!11!!1! We're back!
And bol.com has been so kind to open their doors to welcome us back properly:

“At bol.com we really see it as our responsibility to actively help close the gender gap - which still exists - in tech. I am convinced that only diverse tech teams will enable us to live up to our promise; being “de winkel van ons allemaal”. So teaming up with Girl Code for this meetup feels like a logical and very nice step!”
– Leon van Tegelen

/// Quality of Code? ///
Yeah, you can think of anything technical/programming related to this topic. So legacy code, and how you could handle it. Refactoring. Typing (i.e. using Typescript, why, how). How you would go about keeping your libraries up to date (i.e. yarn audits). Working with other teams on shared components. Writing documentation/comments. Unit tests. How you keep your code high-level and high functioning while understandable and transferable to other devs.
In other words: how can you keep the quality of your code high?

/// Program ///
17.00 - Doors open/dinner (vegetarian options)
18.30 - Girl Code intro by Ineke Scheffers
18.35 - bol.com intro
18.40 - 3 reasons why you need an Upgrade Day (in your technical team) - Maartje van Denderen
19.00 - Writing clean code - Lisa Dalhuijsen
19.25 - Configuring Azure DevOps to link code and documentation - Sara Larsson
19.45 - Q&A with all speakers back on stage
20.00 - Snacks and drinks
21.00 - End

/// Team ///
Ineke Scheffers - organizer and host Girl Code
Leon van Tegelen - host bol.com
Priyanka Radja - host bol.com
Tim van Hardeveld - host bol.com
Michaela aus dem Spring - host bol.com

/// Accessibility ///
The venue is wheelchair accessible.

/// Please note ///
We'll be taking attendance. As there are always people who wanted to join but couldn't because the event was full: RSVP'ing but not showing will be registered and a second time will mean a removal from the group. Cancelling up to 24hrs before the event will count as a no-show. Except of course when you have Covid symptoms.

/// Covid measures ///
We ask you to adhere to the basic rules set by the government: wash your hands frequently, keep your distance when possible, stay home if you have any symptoms and get tested at GGD, and please consider taking a self test at home before attending. https://www.government.nl/topics/coronavirus-covid-19/coronavirus-test/coronavirus-self-tests/why-use-a-covid-self-test

Please! Check back here just before the event in case the Covid measures change for this event. [last update: September 23]

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