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What we’re about

***This group is for women only.***


NO-SHOWS: There are groups that implement fees for all meetups and then there are groups that have a 3 strikes policy. I didn't want to do this but A LOT OF EFFORT goes into organizing these meetups. If you have been to one of mine, you know that there are freebies, swag, discounts or surprises and whatever that is, takes coordination amongst many parties. Your respect and active participation is expected as a member of the GCS group.

If you have responded to an RSVP with a "YES", you are expected to show up. I understand if circumstances happen in the moment so I would appreciate a comment/message on the page.

The three strike rule applies here; not showing up when you've indicated otherwise or behaving inappropriately towards the "Organizer" or other group members will lead to removal/ban from the group.

PHOTOGRAPHY: By joining this group you consent to the use of your captured image (photo/video) at any meetup, to be used for promotional purposes only. Tagging will not be used and photos will not be shared with or sold to any third parties. Content will be shared via the meetup and facebook group pages only.

If you agree to these TERMS, then proceed to learn more about the group.



The essence of the group is towards making contacts, building on friendships and growing our relationships as we travel through our life's milestones whether it be marriage, children, singledom, retirement, returning to school, relocating, career changes and more. Whatever stage you're at, you want (need) support. We all do and our friendships should be our support system but sometimes life doesn't make it so easy to retain friendships.

That's where this group comes in. Hopefully through frequent (bi-monthly) meet-ups, it will allow us to make the connections that we are seeking and of course incorporate chocolate (or the latest dessert obsession) into the mix. Feel free to suggest ideas along the way but I'm thinking we can do workshops, city tours, may be even visit a factory and even score some special invitations to launch openings for bakeries and restaurants. If you have a connection to a location, please don't hesitate to reach out.

We welcome all women to join and participate in the events and promote positive interactions which will lead to long, meaningful friendships. Remember, this is a social group of "new" adventures, people, friendships, tastes, products, not to worry if you don't know anyone. Join with an open mind and see how things unfold.

MEETUP GROUP LINK TO SHARE: I encourage sharing of the group within your circle, please use -



I am in my late 30s, mother of a toddler, self-employed marketing consultant and serial entrepreneur. I definitely would consider myself a foodie but my love for chocolate is my go-to snack. Don't ask me to pick a favourite but do know that if it has chocolate in it, most likely that's what I'm eating. 

I welcome FEEDBACK, SUGGESTIONS, THOUGHTS, QUESTIONS, HELLO at: or directly through meetup!

Looking forward to meeting everyone and sharing some treats along the way.