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What we’re about

If you are in your 20's, 30's, and youthful 40's and are interested in making new friends, networking, and/or trying new and fun places around town, then this is the group for you!

We'll plan many events like dancing, movies, dinner, lunches, spa days, community volunteering, outdoor adventures, and so much more!!!!! There is something for everyone!

All that we ask as Organizers is that you actually ATTEND an event if your RSVP. RSVPING with integrity is vital to the success of our group. As Meetup Organizers, we invest our own time & $$$ into making sure that our members have a great experience and possibly meet new friends! 

If you cannot attend an event, then update your RSVP. This is a demonstration of "Respect" and shows that you value another human being's time. I understand that life happens, but at work, would you not show up without letting your manager or colleagues know? Therefore, "No Shows" are a detriment to our group and to an organizer's valuable time. 

I look forward to meeting many of you ladies soon!!!!! ~ Please remember to stay active because Meetups are only as valuable as member participation! For example, I can post a hike at Red Rock (or Mount Charleston) OR a Wine Meetup Trip to Napa Valley, but if no one shows up, communicates, etc. then I am there by myself hiking a beautiful scenic route or sipping delicious wine with my best friends. 

I am not new to this town and have established networks and friends all around the world, basically by being an active Meetup participant. I as well as the other Event Organizers are also very well professionally and socially connected and have active Business & Social lives outside of this Meetup group. 

As Organizers we are trying to take time out of our very busy schedules to share networking opportunities and community involvement with "YOU" the Meetup member. --------------------- For this, we do not receive a salary and this is the wrong social networking venue to look into, if you are trying to make $$$. 

The "Girls Night Out" meetup group was established to bring ladies in their local community together. If you find any events that interest you, please check your schedule 1st and sign up!!! Us Organizers, look forward to meeting you all.