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What we’re about

Global R User Group is dedicated for organisers and co-organisers of R meetup groups in order to bring them together. This allows us as organisers to share event information between us which then enables us to inform our individual local groups that we manage.

As organisers of R meetup groups our aim is to offer our members the opportunity to attend online events about the R programming language that are taking place around the world. Our goal is for our members to have more opportunities to share their experiences using R as well as support the global R community.

Since nowadays events take place online, the aim of this group is to create a platform where we can post R meetup events that we plan and share the details with the rest of the organisers. 

As an R meetup group organiser you can then decide if you would like to cross-post an event within your group. If yes, then you would need to:

• Create an identical event within your group and post the event details

• Adjust the event time details to reflect your local group times

The meetings we organise are free and open to anyone interested in R and data science and we welcome R users of all levels and data scientists from all backgrounds.

Further details available at -> GlobalR-CoC