What we're about

This is GoTO, meant to bring GTA Gophers together so we can learn and collaborate, regardless of skill level. This group is intended to provide:

- avenues for continuous improvement and growth.

- an avenue for developers to present their ideas and experiences through presentations and talks,

- a time where we can get together to hack together software to help improve the Go community.

- times where we can just get together and talk about what we are working on.

Please be aware that we have a Code of Conduct (https://gist.github.com/tanema/2c727179f2a58b38a301bcbe2e7c15b8) that applies to this and other Golang events.

If you'd like to speak, let us know! We've got a little form online at: http://speak.golangto.io/

We're also on the gophers slack group, in the #toronto channel: http://slack.golangto.io/

We record and release the talks online at: http://talks.golangto.io/

There's a twitter with announcements and all that jazz up at https://twitter.com/golangtoronto

Past events (47)

GoTO: Tech Talks

91 Oxford St

GoTO: Tech Talks

1 University Ave

GoCon Canada!

Needs a location

Gocon Canada pre-conference meetup


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