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What we’re about

MERRY MEET!  Please Open the "Read More" link for further description of our group & this year's Dates!

SAVE THE DATES FOR our 2022 Wheel of the Year Sabbats​Due to Covid, these dates are Tentative! 
1. Sun Feb 6th: Imbolc/Brigit's Day
2. Sun Mar 20: Ostara/Spring Equinox
3. Sun May 1st: Beltane
4. SATURDAY June 18th: Litha
5. Sun July 31st: Lammas
6. Sun Sept 25th:  Mabon
7. Sat Night Oct 29th: Samhain
8. Sun Dec 18th: Yule

The Goddess Studio MeetUp Clan, is about empowering women (primarily) and others to explore the Sacred Feminine through various activities offered at the private Goddess Studio of Escondido, (N. San Diego, CA area).  These activities include Sabbat rituals, Belly dance, Priestess Training, art workshops and special events. Although most events are for women, men are welcome to join us for some of the workshops and special events.

In particular, our community of women gathers to honor the 8 Pagan Earth Holy Days, or Sabbats, of the Wheel of the Year with ceremony, crafting, sharing and feasting!
Each gathering is slightly different and unique! We are usually a group of 20-40 very enthusiastic women from Maidens to Crones and new members are always welcomed! The gatherings are facilitated by Amalya,  and the Priestesses of the 1st Veil of the Goddess Studio.

The Goddess Studio is an actual place on private property in rural Escondido, founded by Amalya and her husband in 2003. It is a beautifully appointed, sacred space that serves as a temple for ceremony and women's circles, a dance studio for belly dance classes, a photography studio for Amalya's Glorious Goddess Portraits, an art studio for women to craft & create in, and a place for workshops, concerts, dance shows, red-tents, and other delightful gatherings! The Goddess Studio is dedicated to honoring the Sacred Feminine and especially to empowering women.
(Note: men are also welcome at some events as indicated in event listings)

Visit my official website ~ ~ and explore the tabs for ALL the activities offered at the Goddess Studio. I invite you to sign up for my semi monthly enewsletter as well--it's free...see the sign up box on my website.
(You don't have to be a member of this meetup group to come to any activities at the Goddess Studio, but I encourage you to join the meetup if you'd like to experience a more expanded connection to our community!)  This meetup group is a "Private" group, so membership is confidential, and photos of past events are only visible once you join.
Goddess Bless!  Amalya

PS) Note the location of the Studio is kept private. I will send you detailed directions when you've joined and rsvp'd to an event!
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