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Our last Golang-syd of the year!
I hope you're ready for this Gophers! This will be our last meetup of the year and we are going out with a bang! First up we have the fabulous Cera Davies flying in from Melbourne especially for us to talk about her 7 year journey with Go! Cera is a passionate software engineer and architect with a DevOps background. She is currently working for Aptira, building a network monitoring system in Go for a large telco. Previously, she worked as an engineer at Learnosity. Cera has been working with Go professionally for 7 years, and believes it's the platform of the future for delivering stable, maintainable back-end and cloud systems. She also thinks Go is surprisingly fun and flexible for a language with stuffy systems engineering roots. Secondly we have our very own Dave Cheney! His talk details are on the way! Huge thanks to Microsoft for hosting in their Reactor hub and for supplying us with food and drink! *** Please grab your free ticket here *** See you there! Thanks, Katie and Chewy

Microsoft Reactor

Level 10 / 11 York Street · Sydney